Weibo Intl Register Guide – Desktop


  1. Go to and click on the circled 注册 button (register) on the top right corner
  1. Click the red box to switch to the email option. The bottom left has a dropdown button that allows you to go to the English interface. Known issues getting from phone to email page:
    1. if the site is in Chinese, sometimes the “use email instead” button does not work.
      1. Workaround: Toggle to English with the dropdown menu on the lower right corner, then click use email address option.
    2. Chrome did not work for me. I switched to other browsers like Safari.

  1. Fill out the form as indicated below

  1. Fill out the verification form as indicated below. If successful, you will receive a code via SMS with the phone number you inputted.
  1. See the end of this guide for a possible workaround for errors that may occur
  2. Once your account creation is successful, you can fill out the following form to set up the account
  1. Note: the red text next to the display name tells you your display name is not within name restrictions. You can have at most 4-24 characters and it can be Chinese, English, or numbers.
  2. Select at least 1 topic of your interest, then click the yellow button to complete registration and enter weibo!

Error messages:

  1. “You have send too many SMS request, please try again later.(RG010103)”

Install any free texting app that generates a new phone number.

–   I am using “TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App” from Google Play Store.

Setup screens: note that you do not need to give the app any permissions EXCEPT texting capabilities. You also can pick “Don’t use location” on “Get a phone number in your area code”. In that case, you would pick an area code and it will generate numbers in that code for you.

Select any number, use that number to get your verification code, and you should be able to get a text from a random number with your code.

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